Our Community

The ISMMA & Team Ivan COMMUNITY, is not built merely around fighting and pugilism. We are woven together as a vibrant and diverse group with individuals hailing from nearly corner of the Earth and every walk of life. This collective diversity, sharing of martial arts knowledge or technical skill, and team-oriented training environment has helped foster the personal success, growth, and overall betterment of those who practice here, that are far more impactful beyond our walls and any ring or cage.



We are a thriving community bridging martial artistry and athleticism by honing technique and refining ability through rigorous training and continuous practice.

While our discipline, focus, and intensity are always high level, we still keep it fun and playful at the same time. Laughs and humor are just as encouraged as hard work and sweat.

Beyond the Mats

Over the last 12 years, our successes in the ring and mats are helped shaped by the extended team that support our athletes, competitors, and patrons. We truly are thankful to these supporters, businesses, and individuals have been instrumental in making ISMMA & Team Ivan what it is today.