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Iron Sharpens Iron

Team Ivan

One of the Northwest's premiere combat sports / competition teams, built from the ground up in 2007, Team Ivan has excelled through a proven, but continually evolving competitive training regimen for all our athletes.

To put it simply, we train as a Team, excel as a Team, and win as a Team.


Team Ivan features one of the regions most comprehensive combat sports training and development programs for professional, amateur, and novice athletes, with diverse sports and competitive backgrounds.

Supported by a training staff of knowledgeable, experienced, and accessible coaches, we know its more than simply strength or skill that has made us one of the region's most formidable martial athletics teams, but embracing the idea that our collective success is cultivated through a dedicated and progressive approach to our training strategies, and is what fosters continual growth and athletic excellence amongst not only our individual athletes but which also resonates through our team and community.

With our successful competitive reputation and openness to continual martial development and refinement for all, Team Ivan has also become a legitimate cross training destination for some of the world's top combat athletes and practitioners.

Team Ivan through the years